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Its about time for fast cruising.

Caribbean 600 2019

The start of the Caribbean 600 on Feb, 18. Beautiful day and 600 miles lying ahead of us. Rounding some of the nicest islands of the Lesser Antilles.
Will post some more pics as soon as prepared.

Mindelo - Cape Verde Islands

We arrived after 4 days downwind sailing, gybing, Spi changes, Spi recovers (out of the sea after the top brake), Spi tangles and some more obstacles on the way. But it was a beautiful trip - we made second place

Vigo and the quick Haul Out

We arrived in Vigo yesterday evening - managed everything to haul the boat out and had a nice bus tour into the old city. This morning we started to clean the boat and then went straight to the travellift. The

Illa de San Martino

After a beautiful sailing day (with wind gusts up to 30 knots) from A Coruña to the south - rounding Cabo Finistere - we arrived in the night time in the small bay of Illa de San Martino

A Coruña

Always nice to dock in the middle of the city and be surrounded by guarding neighbors.

Crossing Biscay Bay

We found a pretty good weather timeframe and fair winds to cross the Bay of Biscay from Belle-Île to A Coruña. We started around 14:00 on Wednesday, May 16 and arrived early morning on Friday, May 18 at the


Before the crossing of Biscay Bay we made a stopover at Belle-Île. It was beautiful, delicious and a real relaxation.

ArMEN Race 2018

The conditions were pretty tough - a lot of boats did not finish the race. We made it: 14th overall (not corrected) - 9th in IRC1 - pretty good for us and the limited crew. Two impressions during the race

La Trinité-sur-Mer

We arrived here to participate in the ArMEN Race - for the second time.

It is always very much fun to come together with so many enthusiast sailors and have a look at their boats.

La Base

maremosso is on her way again - we have left Port La Foret and are visiting "the big ones" in La Base, Lorient

La Gitana 17 is ready to sail again!

Blinks from the last days

Large wrenches adjusting the rig.
Too windy to sit outside.
Camp of the Transat AG2R La Mondiale for the Figaro 2 in Concarneau. They start on Sunday, 22.4.

Salty Water again

/Yesterday evening maremosso was lifted in the water of Port La Foret. All this work done: Hull Cleaning, Hull Antifouling, Hull Side Polishing, Prop cleaning and new anodes, Bowthruster service. Ready for new adventures.

Dry Land ...

Three days to prepare the hull, rudders, prop, bow thruster, keel ... then we lift her again in the water.

Preparing for Season 2018

Port La Foret. On the boat since 2 weeks - preparing everything for the new season.
There was a lot of rain in the beginning and it seems it has rained nearly every day in Brittany in the wintertime. But

Back in L´Odet

We are back in Sainte Marine. Brittany is presenting us beautiful days - sunshine, blue skies and -as the harbour master of Grimsey would say: "hot as in a toaster".
The sky in the water of L´Odet.


Pretty much wind and waves from Belfast while sailing south. After a 1 night stopover in the bay of Dublin - marina of Dún Laoghaire - we sailed down to the Scillys again. Beautiful weather greeted us.


Yesterday we arrived in Belfast and got a berth in the city marina - close to the Titanic shipyard. It was a nice sail from Islay - close to the Mull of Kintyre - and tacking into Belfast harbour at

Oban - Tobermory - Port Ellen

Out last ports are already good known to us. In Oban we have been on our way to Iceland a few weeks ago. Now we got new crew there and stayed just a few hours. Tobermory has one of the

Out in the Sea again ...

We liked the canal crossing but it is nice to be out at the sea again. One of the last locks:
Dolphins were accompanying us at the bow and here is the boat following us and the dolphins:
We took