Bolts, Birds and La Coruña

Luckily the bolt was corrected in no time and all other repairs were finished too. So we decided to set sail on the evening of the same day to cross the Biscay before the wind would turn to unfavorable.

The important bolt from which 2 tens of a millimeter had to be removed.

On the next day we counted 12 swallows populating our boat. After dark it seemed that they had vanished, just to realize that they were siting in very hidden corners of the boat or for example in the lazy bag.

On the next morning we saw that all birds were laying dead on deck. It was a terrible picture. One last one was alive and flew off when he saw some seagulls flying by maybe thinking they were comrades. But they took him suddenly as prey. Our explanation was, that the birds were probably they weak left behinds of a larger swarm and the would have died anyway.

Arrival at La Coruña after 48 hours of sailing.