Catch The Low And Birds Again

After 3 to 4 days in Bayona (not to bad with all the excellent bars and restaurants there) a small window of favorable winds opened to go all the way down to Lisbon.

The Alfama, a quarter of Lisbon seen from the river Tejo.

This was the situation. A low moving down the Portuguese coast should bring southerly winds. But to really get them, it was necessary to take a course far off the coast. And it was really like it was predicted, the farther we went out the stronger the wind became. When we jibed on a course leading closer to the coast the wind dropped.

An then it happened again. On one of several jibs on this journey the main sail got a crack. The sail was in the first reef and at the point where it touches the upper spreader the damage occurred. After releasing the vang the sail opened just a little be to much so that the pressure against the spreader was to high. The crack was quite small and with sheets a bit to tight in relation to the course we could continue without taking down the sail. Thus we took a course closer to the cost to get in lighter wind to take down the sail and put a patch on the damaged part.

Arrival in Lisbon the next day

When cleaning the boat in the marina (Marina Parque das Nações) an ugly discovery was made. Under the cover of the cabin roof where all the control lines are leading to the cockpit we found a dead bird. The bird was already nearly eaten up by maggots and not much more than the bones and feathers where left.

It was probably one of the birds that passed the night on our boat when crossing the Bay of Biscay.