Gourmet Things

Some excerpts of the diet during the atlantic crossing

An example for a refreshing late lunch (time is anyway not such an important thing in the middle of the Atlantic) couscous with vegetable and aside mango and jamon serrano.

A light beef curry with an advanced pepperonata.

Softly grilled salmon was a favorite dish in this case with broccoli, avocado, onions and pears. We ate salmon only in the first week.

That's how it looked like when we had a snack. Some always had there life-wests on to be prepared to jump on deck in case of a necessary intervention.

Uhps!!! The catch of the day. This was the first flying fish that ended up on our deck. It was still a sensation, when it happened the first time.

From that day on we had flying fishes on deck nearly every day. And they got bigger.
After a while it got really annoying. Especially at night it was sometimes even frightening because they stroke like bullets with high speeds on deck. We often had to cover behind the spray hood to not get hit on the face by one of those fishes, which was also not safe because sometime the came from astern. On one occasion while taking down the spinnaker one of us gut hit by one on the foredeck. After removing those fishes from deck, which was sometimes not so easy because the were flapping around, the boat was stinking like a fisher net and scales and the excrements were spread all over. Thus, we had to clean up thoroughly.

Isn't it great: on one of the last days of the trip we had Rinderschnitzel mit Bratkartoffeln, Butterkarotten und Röstzwiebeln. Without having a freezer on board we had beef till the last day. It was excellent quality, perfectly aged and accurately vacuum-packed. Thanks to the butcher in Las Palmas!!!

A variation

Bolognese with a wrap always beloved and a great preprepaired food for the rougher days.

Some other dishes.