It was about time ...

We have cleaned maremosso by the help of divers 4 times during our trips across the Atlantic - and we forgot to do it before we left the Acores end of August. For this omission we payed dearly: no planing - no speed at all - maremosso suddenly turned into a normal cruiser and speeds above 10 knots were out of reach. So we cleaned her again in La Coruna (by a perfect diver - he was the best) and see: the speed was back and we arrived in Sainte Marine (Brittany) with smiling faces.
After two month in St.Marine today maremosso was put on dry land in Port La Foret.
And it was about time! The hull has no antifouling paint left at all and algal and mussels are all over the place. We will now have a winter break with all the necessary repairs and refits now until we start for the next season.

maremosso and Surfing Petrel side by side in Port La Foret: