Waiting for Neptuns Staircase

We are having our last night in the canal - waiting to go down Neptuns staircase (a cascade of locks down to the level of the Scottish sea of Loch Linnhe) tomorrow morning. It was a nice day traveling in

Impressions Faroe Islands

These are some of our landscape impressions from today bus tour across four islands: Streymoy - Eysturoy - Bor∂oy - Vi∂oy. It was not sunny, as you can see, but at least it did not rain. Tomorrow we

Torshavn - Faroe Islands

36 hours with changing winds but most part of it nice sailing - we arrived at Torshavn harbor during the last hours of the National Day "St. Olav's Eve" - nearly everybody with two legs was in the city, singing


A Birds Paradise. It is real fun to walk around this northernmost inhabited island of Iceland - close to (or still on?) the Arctic Circle.
Puffins, Puffins, Puffins

More from the Westfjords

We did not leave because it is so beautiful here. The weather is not always our friend, but hey, that´s Iceland! We sailed to Hornvik in the north-east corner - what a nature - thousands of birds welcomed us

The West Fjords - Isafjördur

We made a nice -and not too wet- sailing trip to the West Fjords. This is an extremely beautiful part of Iceland - snow on the tops of the hills and deep fjords with ever changing winds. As a front

Arriving in Iceland/Reykiavik

We arrived Thursday 29 of June just before midnight at around 10pm. But darkness is not a problem here in the north. The light is just dimmed a little bit around 12 and 2am. Reykiavik welcomed us in a nice

Leaving Stornoway

It was a real nice stay here in Stornoway and we enjoyed it very much. A nice island and a very nice marina. We should tell our friend about this - said the harbourmaster. And we will ...


2 years back - in July 2015 - maremosso was the first time in Stornoway - on our way to Sylt. Today we came back - our last stop before sailing to Iceland.

Isle of Skye

A real "great" island - huge mountains, nice people and sometimes we feel like being "beamed" into a mountain lake.

Crinan Canal

We had such a beautiful travel through the Crinan Canal ... 15 locks and a lot of manual work made this journey real fun.

Dublin at night

Still in Dublin - with illuminated neighbours. Waiting for the wind to drop and set sail to Scotland tonight.


After a wild ride with gusts up to 40 knots, a two hour travel up the river brought us to Waterford - and finally some more sun.
And the vikings are still alive here.