Saving a Surfer ...

finally - after some very nice days at Sylt - we have started to sail to Amsterdam. The wind was quite strong (it got close to 40 knots).
While finding our way through the shallow waterways around the island we saw a windsurfer having problems. We watched him and things were getting worse, but he still denied to accept some help.
After some more time - us being still close to him - we saw that he has lost his board and sail and was drifting in the turbulent sea.
We salvaged him using our Buoy system for the first time. After some radio messages with the coastguard and a phone call with the surf station at Amrum, they took him off our boat.
For us it was too late getting out of the shallow sand banks at low water and big waves - so we went back to Hörnum for another night - you can see our fancy track below.