Small Repair, Big Work

Since the producer of the mast realized just some days ago, that the terminal of the forestay at the top had a bolt with a wrong specification, the whole stay had to come down. Unfortunately the replacement bolt did not fit and we have to wait another day for the repair.
Strong men with big wrenches releasing the shrouds.

Meanwhile time is running. Since days there are optimum conditions to pass the bay of Biscay. But soon the weather window is closing and then we will have to wait for maybe a week.
Beside this we are having a great time in St.Marine, where the weather is at it's best and restaurants and bars are great. One can easily hold on for another week here.

In the morning having breakfast with a view. It's to cold to sit outside, the terrace is in the shadow. But have the village is anyway meeting inside telling each other the most important news.

"Cafè Du Port" is the place to have a snack in the afternoon.